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I am bachelor student of Sharif University of Technology, and I'm studying Major of Computer engineering and Minor of Mathematics.
I am very interested in statistics, machine learning, deep learning, information theory, and optimization.
I'm crazy about hiking, and I love swimming.
For more information please check my ​resume​​​.

About me


Churn Prediction

we developed a deep learning model, to predict churn in system, our model used variational recurrent neural network for churn prediction, we haven't still submitted our paper.

Learn MoreJun 01, 2017

Detecting Asymmetry and Mass Detection in Mammography

Automating the reading of Mammography is an open research area, and also it can be useful for detecting cancer. We are trying to overcome this difficulty with a deep learning approach, specially we are working on detecting Asymmetry and mass detection on breasts.

May 01, 2018

Teaching Dimension

I am currently studying about different teaching dimensions, and I am interested to understand it's relation to learning complexity.

Jul 05, 2018


  • Office 509, Campus E1 5, 66123 Saarbrücken, Germany